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Willie Wilden  by  Joseph Dobrian

Willie Wilden by Joseph Dobrian
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What happens when a professor at a small college decides to defend the school’s iconic but politically incorrect sports mascot? What happens when he falls into the middle of a feud between two famous writers? What happens when the college’s reform-minded president decides to use the professor as “the chicken who’s killed to frighten the monkeys”? And what happens when a fashionable filmmaker decides to make a movie about the whole to-do?Joseph Dobrian shows what might happen, in his novel, Willie Wilden (Rex Imperator, 544 pps., trade paperback, $18.95, ISBN 978-0-9835572-1-0): a rollicking and slightly naughty narrative of the clash between traditional and progressive American values.“The protagonist of the novel, Roger Ballou, is pathetic in some ways,” Dobrian admits.

“He’s socially inept- his self-esteem is abysmal- he’s always got a chip on his shoulder. But at the same time, because of his quirkiness and his sense of humor, he’s able to charm people. And it’s partly his charm that gets him a job at Van Devander College, which is a third-rate, painfully old-fashioned school in upstate New York.“You know the adage: ‘Academic politics are so vicious because the stakes are so small.’ Well, Roger Ballou, being perpetually angry at himself—for various reasons—is not happy unless he’s fighting with somebody else, about something.

He finds plenty to fight about at Van Devander.”Willie Wilden isn’t just the story of one man’s struggles, though. It’s a book full of intriguing, eccentric, but entirely believable characters—and the characters drive the story, rather than vice versa. At bottom, Willie Wilden is a book about the dynamics of American culture and ideals. It’s a book about family, friendship, and romance—and about people’s willingness to fight for what they love and care for.In addition to Roger Ballou, you’ll meet many other colorful players, including:• Faye Bannister, the college president who wants to turn Van Devander into “a byword for progressive education”-• Martin Wandervogel, a filmmaker who has built a reputation as an advocate for “social justice”-• Frank Leahy, a crusty local lawyer who knows the dirt on everyone-• Charlotte Fanshaw, whose new tell-all novel has made her one of the best-loved and best-hated writers in the country-• Llandor, “the man who taught two generations to love poetry”-• and Willie Wilden himself—the school mascot, who ends up standing for a lot more than just Van Devander College.Willie Wilden is contrarian social criticism, in the tradition of Thank You For Smoking or A Confederacy of Dunces.

The author, who was the Libertarian candidate for Mayor of New York City in 2009, doesn’t pretend to take an even-handed approach.“Wherever you stand on the political spectrum, you’ll find something in this book to offend you,” Dobrian warns. “But that, I hope, will be part of the fun of reading it.”

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